Bride and groom gifts

Gifts for the bride and groom made of wood and with engraver

Bride and groom gifts wooden, laser engraved. We make light or dark wood with laser engraving for a particular. The wooden wedding card is made of natural wood with a thickness of 3 mm. The cards we create in our studio are very special and unique. We make a wedding card made of light wood. We engrave the card by laser. That means your wishes will never fade. In times of e-mails and text messages, sending cards is always welcome. Additionaly promotes showing love and memory of loved ones. Handmade wooden wedding card will pleasantly surprise. With its uniqueness will remain in memory for a long time. Let the bride and groom and friends awaken positive emotions. Make them happy and smile!

The color of the wooden sheet and the brightness of the engraving on the sheet may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo, because they depend on the color of the wood, the arrangement of the jars. Each screen can also display pictures of cards in a slightly different way.

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