Alcohol tube

Tube for alcohol of light or dark wood and engraver

  • Wooden tube for alcohol engraved with laser. We make of dark or light wood and laser engrave for a particular. The wine tube is a unique box that impresses everyone with its shape.
    Thanks to the possibility of personalised engraving,
  • the wooden tube is ideal as a gift wrapping for every occasion – from birthday to wedding.
    A durable engraver on beautiful dark wood will never fade.
  • Your wishes will remain in the memory of the gifted person for a long time.
  • Light and dark box version available
  • Possibility to order an engraving from the buyer’s design – individual valuation required
  • Execution of openwork designs – individual valuation
  • Possibility to buy a form (rigid filling) for a specific product you want to put in – individual valuation
  • Possibility to padded the box with satin, felt, or other fabric –material-dependent surcharge

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