Folding wine packaging 16.5x40x9 cm

Folding wine packaging 16.5x40x9 cm of light or dark wood

  • Wooden Folding wine packaging 16.5x40x9 cm laser engraved. We make of dark or light wood and laser engrave.
  • This stylish elegant wine packaging is perfect for a gift for the bride and groom, wedding anniversary or loved one.
  • The wine packaging is made of beautiful dark wood. This gives the box a unique natural look that will appeal to virtually everyone.
  • Wooden, small engraved gift box with a beautiful engraver.
  • The engraved wooden box is perfect as a gift wrapping for everyone for different occasions – christmas, birthday or wedding.
    The engraved box is an unforgettable gift. Wishes on it will never fade.
  • The box itself can be used as an ornament or a practical storage for many trifles.

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