Office articles

clipboard - washer made of light woodOffice articles of wood

We engrave office articles laser from dark or light wood for offices, restaurants, kiosks, etc.

Binders, washers, clipboards are daily used by each of our items, which can also be beautiful.

The binders, washers, clipboards produced by us, apart from functionality, are beautiful, because they are made of birch plywood and very durable. Binders, washers, clipboards are made by hand with best bookbinding and engraving practices.
In addition, each Binder, pad or clipboard can be individually marked according to your request.

We create identifiers from the best dark or light wood for each employee. Our IDs are made of beautiful light wood, which emphasizes their natural and ecological style.

We have beautiful wooden numbers for doors, plates, information and markings. Our numbers are made of high quality engraving materials.