Name Day

Name Day of a child or an adult? We have a gift made of great wood for everyone

  • On the occasion of the Name Day we have a gift. We make light or dark wood with laser engraver for particular gifts for various occasions of life. For a gift there must be a good box and we have such. Wooden box, laser engraved, for trifles, small gift, candies and tons of other ideas with your engraver. The engraved box is the perfect wedding gift, birthday, thank you to your parents and for other occasions!
  • An unforgettable personalized gift for your loved ones.
  • -Light and dark box version available
  • -Possibility to order an engraving from the buyer’s design – individual valuation required
  • -Execution of openwork designs – individual valuation
  • -Possibility to buy a coach (rigid filling) for a specific product you want to put in – individual valuation
  • -Possibility to padded the box with satin, felt, or other fabric – material-dependent surcharge

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